Optimising the Real-Time Evolution of Quantum Spin Chains with Higher-Order Trotter Techniques

Quantum many-body systems as well as multiple other areas of physics heavily rely on discrete time evolution using so-called Trotterization techniques. This project aims to derive maximally precise Trotterizations at minimal computational cost. The first goal is to construct optimised higher order Trotter schemes for two operators based on their theoretical efficiencies. Next, the results are going to be generalised for a higher number of operators. The third goal is to understand and integrate in-practice deviations from the theoretical efficiencies into the framework. Lastly, efficient Trotterization is pivotal for digital quantum computing, and the fourth goal is hence to transfer the results to quantum computing applications.

Johann Ostmeyer
Johann Ostmeyer

My research primarily focuses on Lattice Field Theory and low-dimensional Condensed Matter Physics. These studies go hand in hand with algorithmic development including Hybrid Monte Carlo, tensor networks, and Trotterization.