CRC 1639 NuMeriQS Kick-off meeting

On April 27, 2024, we officially kicked of the efforts in NuMeriQS with two very interesting talks by Prof. Anthony Kennedy (University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Peter Coveney (London).

Prof. Kennedy, as one of the invertors of the Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) algorithm, gave an intersting historical review of the HMC and its modern applications. Prof. Covenery, a chemist by profession, introduced the audience to uncertainty quantification and its use in large scale molecular dynamics simulations.

Apart from officially starting operation - even though it started of course beginning of April, one of the purposes of the meeting was to introduce the CRC to the wider public of the University of Bonn, and more specifically to the contributing departments. We are happy that the heads of all the contributing departments, i.e. chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics, participated in the meeting. Moreover, the TRA Simulation Modelling and the TRA Matter were represented.

There were very interesting discussions during the reception, which took place after the two scietific talks. We look forward to about four more interesting years.

For more details see the meetings indico page.

Carsten Urbach
Carsten Urbach
Professor of Theoretical Physics

My research focuses on Computational Physics, and in particular Lattice QCD, Lattice Field Theories, algorithm development and statistical data analysis. This naturally includes high performance computing.